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Houston Transformer Company, Ltd.


Our design and manufacturing capabilities range from sub miniature surface mount devices to three phase distribution transformers weighing over 1500lbs. We have our own in house steel cutting equipment which gives us the capability to produce custom core configurations. We maintain an inventory of approx. 25,000 lbs of high grade silicon steel to reduce our cycle time .We can produce toroidal units up to 25 KVA. As well as bobbin winding, layer wound, water-cooled, transposed windings, copper and Aluminum conductors, metal coil devices and self-supporting coils. Our machine shop and sheet metal department is located on-site, enables us to produce our own metal bobbins, case and collar locators, sensors and magnetic impulse detectors. The sheet metal department is fully equipped to supply NEMA boxes, cases, cabinets and other environmental protective enclosures.

Typical Products

  •     Power Transformers
  •     Audio Transformers
  •     Pulse Transformers
  •     Constant Voltage Transformers
  •     High Voltage Transformers
  •     L.V.D.T.'s
  •     Converter and Inverter Transformers
  •     Precision Inductors and Chokes
  •     Special Units
  •     Switch Mode Inductors
  •     DC to DC Transformers
  •     Reactors
  •     Scott T
  •     Zig Zag     


 Product Configurations and Types 


  •  Laminated Devices
  •     Tape Wound Cut core Devices
  •     Toroidal Devices
  •     Special Coils
  •     Special Cores
  •     All Types of Ferrite Cores
  •     High Frequency



  •     Open Frame (Leads or Lugs)
  •     Epoxy Coated
  •     Canned
  •     Molded
  •     Encapsulated
  •     Special


Range of Design & MFG. Specifications 

  •     Power to 250 KVA
  •     Current to 1500 Amperes
  •     High voltage to 10KV
  •     Temperature to +450°F (+250°C)

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